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Occold Primary School


Occold Primary School is committed to fostering a happy, lively and challenging environment, where children feel secure and are able to develop their full potential, taking their first steps towards becoming competent and caring adults. We encourage close links with parents, governors, friends of the school and the wider community to ensure that we do the very best we can for all our children.

Our educational philosophy is founded on a firm belief that we should trust in every child's capacity to learn. To this end, we feel strongly that we should avoid placing ceilings on our expectations for children. This way they have the opportunity to surprise both us and themselves. We believe that our school should recognise the uniqueness of each child and show empathy with children in all their complexity.


Executive Head Teacher

Dr Paul Parslow-WIlliams

Head of School

Ms Emily Rowe

School Office

Mrs Natalie Jackson

Phone: 01379 678330


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