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Our Values

Values which are important in the All Saints Schools Trust……..

  • Inclusion- provide equality and access to high quality education for all pupils.

  • Independence- develop pupils ability to learn and be self-sufficient.

  • Individuality- value independence of thought and character.

  • Inspiration- nurture an appreciation for culture, the arts and the ability to be a lifelong learner.

  • Interdependence- by working together in a Trust our schools and individuals within them can rely and depend on one another for support, resources and sharing of ideas.

  • Integrity- attain the qualities of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Our Vision

We aim to make a difference to the lives of children. We believe in enabling every pupil to achieve their full potential.


The staff within ASST serve children and their families first and foremost. Our aim is for the pupils in our care to grow into informed, fulfilled and well-rounded people. As a trust, we believe that our schools are more likely to achieve success when we have:


High Expectations

We have the highest expectations for staff and children in our schools. We aim to overcome any barriers which prevent anyone in our trust fulfilling their potential. This extends to the whole school community. These expectations are intrinsic in everything we do and the trust has embedded expectations to strive for the highest quality of educational provision. We ensure the education of our children and the well-being of the school community are prioritised.


Personal Courage and Optimism

It is recognised that schools face constant challenges. We aim to develop people in our schools who have the persistence and resilience to triumph over these.  Our schools endeavour to create a culture of optimism. Leaders should be positive and encouraging and despite difficulties and pressures, our goal is to offer excellent education in order to change the world for the better.


Recognising Talent

Leaders in our trust recognise and value talent and we aim to identify individuals who display strengths and excellence. We will nurture and promote individuals in ways that will benefit both their career progression and the educational provision for the children in the trust. We also recognise that all individuals will have interests, skills and knowledge that are unique to them and we encourage them to use them to their full potential.



Our leaders act and make decisions impartially and fairly, using the best available evidence and without discrimination or bias. We exercise our judgement and analysis for the good of children and their families.



We recognise that each child is unique and we aim to give them all the very best possible educational experience whatever their starting point. We strive to accommodate the needs of each individual in our care and always aim to be sensitive to the wishes of children and their families. We celebrate diversity in our school communities.



We acknowledge we have a responsibility for the standards, financial management and educational provision of the children in our care. This includes safeguarding and personal safety of the children. We have a commitment to present information in a transparent and open manner. The Trust Board oversees the robust challenge and monitoring of budgets and finance in order to achieve positive outcomes.



Everyone in the trust community has the right to be treated in a humane, dignified and empathetic manner.

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